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5 05 2009
Vikky Furse

I clicked into your site from the South East Open Studios(SEOS) website newsletter, and wanted to say it’s one of the best web presentations I’ve seen, and I love the work.
With all best wishes,
Vikky Furse

5 05 2009

That’s very kind of you to say so Vikky! 🙂

28 05 2009
Frankie de Freitas

I saw the Times by chance and noted that Jen Solt had died. My family (parents) and hers (the Howards) were good friends after the war – we lived next door in Essex – and I’ve noted the deaths of her other sisters. I’d like to write to George, whom I’ve only met years ago, to say hello and I’m sorry. Can you help me please?

Thank you.

1 10 2009
Geoff Drinkel

May I suggest that we follow in the footsteps of that American fellow, Ralph Nader, who advertised for everyone who had a complaint, for example, about a particular make of car, to write to him so that he could take their complaints, en masse, to the United States Congress! Result!! Perhaps we should do the same about certain ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS! Let us find out how many people have been at the receiving end of this Planning Enforcement Officer’s delivery!! We too have suffered under the cosh of Milton Keynes Planning Department, (which thru’ an Act of Parliament is exempt from responsibility for anything they say and do to local residents), our complaints have been ignored. I am now positive that on quiet evenings, when beaded bubbles caress the rim and a Nightingale sings in the orchard, and went the day well, from the direction of the Milton Keynes Council Building, the familiar strains of the Horst Wessel song and the occasional Sieg Heil can be heard!!

2 10 2009

Trust you to slip beaded bubbles caressing rims into the conversation.

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