Red Nipple Day

11 03 2009

david-michelangelo-nippleWe shall be celebrating Red Nipple Day at ICETWICE this Friday.

(Noses are sooo last year).

Persons entering ICETWICE not wearing a pair of Red Nipples, will be fined £1, on the spot (no pun intended).

All monies raised shall be donated to the Red Nose Day Appeal




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11 03 2009

I sent a mailshot to my mailing list, and, just now, received this:


“This is a bit pervy, not what red nose day is about, please take me off
your mailing list


I immediately replied, as follows:

“Frankly I don’t want you on my mailing list anyway if you think it’s pervy.

I think you’ve got a dirty mind and no sense of humour.

Consider yourself removed.

Some people. Honestly. If you agree with me, feel free to email Mike and tell him.

If you agree with him, please avoid me, I don’t think we’ll get on.

THE NEXT DAY. So, this morning, I get this reply from Mike. I haven’t corrected his spelling or grammar, and he thinks I’m a girl.


Ive got a dirty mind? your the one who sent me a picture of a naked
man with red noses on his nipples!

I guess you wont be winning businesswoman of the year with an attitude
like that to your customers,

I wont step foot in your gallery again and neither will my friends



I replied to him as follows:

” That’s a relief”

1 10 2009
Val Kerry

Oh this is such a funny conversation, it made me hoot anyways! What a silly bloke he is. I think anything anyone does to raise money for such a good cause is alright by me. I wouldn’t presume to speak for others as he does for his ‘friends’. I think he takes himself way too seriously and I expect he’s of no great loss to your gallery.

Well done you for sticking to your charity raising principles.. !!

I’ve just researched your website and it’s eggsellent. I live in Manchester but my sister is moving relatively close to your gallery so I’ll make sure to bob in and say hi.

(without red nipples… lol)

Val ;o)

2 10 2009

Thanks Val 🙂

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