Porsche Icons

3 02 2010

Porsche Icons – Collector’s Edition NEW!
Limited Edition of 50 Copies
Edited by Frank Orel & Elmar Brümmer

This museum-quality volume showcases the influence and history of the Type 64, one of the most mysterious—yet influential—car designs ever. The special format allows readers to appreciate exactly how this archetypal sports car influenced Porsche’s later high-performance machines. Both homage and historical record, this book captures the magic of automobile design at its very finest.

160 pp., Hardcover with jacket, clamshell box (15 x 18 1/2 x 3 in.)
portfolio with a signed and numbered lithographic print (c. 17 3/4 x 14 1/4 in.) 79 color and 11 b/w photographs
Text in English, German and French
Pre-publication price until March 1, 2010: £ 1.300. After: £ 1.500
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9392-0
Format: 12 3/4 x 8 1/4 in.


Stocking Filler Awards. Deadlock. You Decide.

15 12 2009

It’s awards time of year…and the winner of the ICETWICE 2009 award for ‘Most Bizarre Stocking Filler’ goes to…

‘Happy Kitty Bunny Pony’ or ‘Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy”.

Yes, it’s deadlock. Our celebrity panel can’t decide, so it’s up to you, our glorious public, to vote, with your wallets.

March in to ICETWICE and buy the one YOU prefer, and then we can tell the world, in a very loud deep voice, that the victor is, in no particular order, well, which will it be?

Pop along and cast your cash into our till-shaped ballot box.

9 Days Left! Hurry along now.

ICETWICE…….Stocking Filler Central.
01234 714499

Free Guide to Dubai. Before they rename it Dusell.

2 12 2009

You’re unlikely to want to visit Dubai anytime soon now that it’s about to collapse into a minor fishing port once again, but hey, grab one of these before they stop printing them. We have a limited number of free copies. They’re sure to become collectors items. One copy free whenever you spend £20 or more on travel books at ICETWICE.

The ICETWICE Christmas Preview Evening…

25 11 2009


Shop In Olney Or The Kitten Dies.

21 11 2009

It seems to work for Somali pirates. Why shouldn’t it work for Olney? If you set one foot in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, the kitten dies. Do all your Christmas Shopping in the wonderfully eclectic mixture of traditional market town and cutting edge boutique retail wonderland that is Olney, and the kitten makes it through to 2010. Think we’re kidding?

Late Night Shopping in Olney

11 11 2009


Straight From The Fridge, Dad.

10 11 2009

Picture 147Don’t be a ‘no-goodnik from Creepville’ any longer. Get this dictionary and amaze your ‘naturally buzzin cuzzin’ with your command of Hipster Slang.

We guarantee you will find it ‘more fun than a hot transfusion’, ‘most monster’ and possibly even ‘murderistic’.

On sale now. Time to ‘get off the fence’ Hortense’.

£16.99. All books are Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price to Book Club Members…and ‘I don’t mean maybe, baby’.

Kat Von D’s ‘High Voltage Tattoo’

31 10 2009


We have a new ‘coolest book in the store’ as of today. This. high voltage tattoo

High Voltage Tattoo is a graphic perspective on today’s global tattoo culture by Kat Von D, star of The Learning Channel’s L.A. Ink and one of the most talented and popular artists working today. Designed in a style that is reminiscent of a handmade Gothic journal with its red padded cover, ornate typography, and parchmentlike pages, it throws the door wide open to tattooing culture in the way only an insider like Kat can.

High Voltage Tattoo traces Kat’s career as an artist, from early childhood influences to recent work, along with examples of what inspires her, information about the show and her shop, her sketches, and personal tattoos. The book goes deep into tattoo process and culture: readers can see up close the pigments, the tools, and the making of complex, even collaborative, tattoos.

With a foreword by Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, the book features images and stories about celebrities, rockers, pro skaters, and everyday citizens, including Slayer’s Kerry King, Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Margaret Cho, Jackass’ Bam Margera, David Letterman, and many others. It profiles and showcases the work of artists Kat has selected from all over the world, her interviews with people who have compelling tattoos and stories, and amazing images of extraordinary tattoo work. Numerous portfolios throughout the book showcase a range of relevant subjects, from the black and gray portrait work for which Kat is famous to a popular tattoo theme, such as the rose or biblical images. There is a knockout ten-page full-body spread of Kat—clad in a yellow bikini and seven-inch, rhinestone-studded red stilettos—that catalogs in detail all her personal tattoos on her front, back, left, and right sides—even her hands and head.

Contact us to reserve your copy. Join our Book Club to Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price.

Dignitas Gift Vouchers Now Available!

30 10 2009

gift-voucher-category-fileWe are pleased to announce that we have made arrangements with Dignitas in Switzerland, and ICETWICE Gift Vouchers may now be used to give irritating co-workers, noisy neighbours, over-enthusiastic council employees, or late-paying clients a dignified end.

Actually, we made that up, it’s not true, so, Dignitas, please don’t sue us?

However, you may purchase ICETWICE Gift Vouchers and give them as Christmas presents.

Surely this surely cannot offend anyone?

Go HERE for details!

Or call us on 01234 714499

Love from ICETWICE

Simon’s Cat, Blast It

20 10 2009

I can’t believe I’ve done this. My friend Fiona told me I must order ‘Simon’s Cat’ books for our bookstore because they will sell like the proverbial hot cakes. I fought against it, because it’s probably crass and populist, but I’ve succumbed. So, I regret to tell you, I really do bitterly regret to tell you, that ‘Simon’s Cat is now available at ICETWICE. You probably won’t want it, because you’re sophisticated and elitist and far too cool to be seen with a copy, even a copy in an opaque polythene bag, but there we are, it’s done now, and I must suffer the consequences. Am appalled by self, truly appalled.

simons cat